Saturday, March 20, 2010

Haunted Suicide Railroad Bridge

The sad story has been repeated over and over: Unwed girl gets pregnant, gives birth, and takes her life and the infant's life as well.

This tale of tragedy takes a paranormal turn in Columbus, Indiana. The time is in the mid 1920's, when illegitimate children brought shame not only to the mother but to her family as well. One such birth led to the young unwed mother making the decision to take her own life and her baby's. The location of the suicide was an open railroad bridge over the East Fork of the White River in Columbus, Indiana.
Locals still report seeing the misty figure of a young woman with a bundled blanket in her arms standing on this bridge, which does not have adequate width to even allow current pedestrian traffic. This figure vanishes into "thin" air. Perhaps even more unsettling is the mournful sound of a baby wailing, also heard emenating from somewhere in the area.
Research into this apparition has revealed a couple of accounts of the sighting of some sort of large yellow eyed creature being seen on this bridge at times. However I was not able to confirm any such sightings or reports of same with the locals.

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