Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Cry Baby" Bridge

On a quiet rural road in Hancock County, Indiana, one will find an iron bridge, built in 1887. The historical significance of this bridge was recognized, and the bridge was restored to its original structural soundness in 2006. Iron bridges such as this fine example are becoming scarce. Even more scarce are haunted old bridges.

Historic beauty aside, this bridge also harbors a sad past. For you see, some decades ago, this bridge was the scene of a terrible tragedy. An accident occurred. A car went into Sugar Creek. Upon arrival, the emergency personnel recovered the bodies of the two adults, a married couple. They did not, however, realize that a baby was also in the car. Long before child car seats, they finally realized an infant was missing, due to the late discovery of a baby blanket. The baby blanket is reported to have been buried with the mother.

Many accounts have been written and discussed describing paranormal activity at this location. Most state that if you stop your vehicle on the bridge, and turn off the engine, you can hear a baby crying for its mother. Minor variations of the ghost voices are reported. The setting is not really that ‘scary’, however the approach to the bridge from both directions has a significant raise in elevation as it crosses over Sugar Creek. Ironically, the creek bed widens and deepens as it passes under the bridge, perhaps a contributing factor to the tragic accident?

The early evening that we ventured down Thomas Road was rather cool, with mostly cloudy skies. Our arrival was just before dusk, and fortunately we encountered no traffic. Recent rains had turned the usually clear water to silt brown. We stayed in the vehicle, snapping pictures and listening, listening, listening. Neighborhood dogs finally ceased their barking at our intrusion, and we soon heard only the quiet movement of the water under the bridge. A funky atmosphere bordering on “heavy” soon overtook our senses. Did either of us hear a baby cry? We heard something, not an infant ghost crying, but something that did not fit the normally expected sounds of the countryside.

Interesting that the a baby ghost crying at a "Cry Baby" bridge has been reported at several locations in both Ohio and Indiana. If our schedule allows, we may return sometime after dark, just because that's what we like to do. But this site may very well be another one of many "legend cry baby" sites. We don't feel that it is haunted, but will remain open-minded if we ever return.


  1. I've looked for this on Google maps and haven't found it. Could you give me directions?

  2. I love anything considered to have historical interest, so throwing a ghost story into the pot just adds to that interest. Wonder if there are any accompanying stories in a way of explanation as to why there could be a baby crying, a car crash or something.

  3. To Natalie : If you live around the Anderson area and know where main street is, you go strait down main street till it turns into Nashville rd, and soon you will come to 675 on your left, you go down that road and will soon see cry baby bridge.